What to Expect

What to Expect
Not often do you spend an hour, one-on-one with your Exam Room 2veterinarian. We start with a very thorough physical, orthopedic, and neurological exam combined with a chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medical (TCVM) exam to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis.

Physical Exam Includes:

  • Gait
  • Conformation
  • Body condition (weight and muscle tone)
  • Every joint along the spine and all 4 limbs
  • Analysis of previous blood work, urinalysis, radiographs

TCVM exam Includes:

  • Tongue examination
  • Feel pulse quality
  • Determine body heat imbalances

Our diagnosis is made using both traditional and TCVM medicine techniques, so you will likely get more than one diagnosis. Traditional medical diagnoses are usually very black and white, whereas TCVM diagnoses describe how the body is out of balance. It is very important to us that the owner understands the diagnosis in common terms, because we value the input from the owner in the decision making process. We consider both the current problem as well as the underlying imbalance that led to the disorder, in addition to the owner’s goals and expectations. Treatment plans are then custom designed for each individual to address both the acute and chronic conditions. Typically one or more treatments are performed at the first visit and we design an initial plan for recheck exams and treatments. Many acute problems are resolved within 1-4 treatments, whereas severe, chronic, or multiple conditions may take months or years to recover. Other conditions may never be truly cured, but rather managed and balanced with overall quality of life.