The Five Elements

The Five Elements
In Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, these represent the fundamental elements of the natural world. Seasons of the year, stages of one’s life, internal organs, and personality types each correspond to an element. Using this theory, the inter-relationships between the internal organs and the animal as a whole help guide diagnosis and treatment.




What element is your animal?

• Dominant behavior
• Athletic, good runner
• Angers easily
• Alert, responds quickly
• Thin body type, large eyes
• Predisposed to hypertension, stroke, depression or neurosis
• Friendly, highly social
• Loves to be loved
• Sharp, intelligent
• Strong body, small but bright eyes
• Good short distance runner
• Predisposed to heart disease, separation anxiety, restlessness
• Honest and kind to others
• Laid back
• Easily satisfied
• Responds slowly to stimuli
• Good worker, but slow
• Short, muscular body, big head
• Predisposed to chronic GI problems, obesity
• Confident, good leader
• Follows the rules
• Requires routine
• Aloof
• Broad chest, good haircoat
• Predisposed to respiratory problems such as asthma, diabetes, constipation
• Timid and fearful
• Likes to be alone
• Fear biter
• Prefers warm
• Thin, medium sized body with large eyes and ears
• Predisposed to back pain, urinary infections, depression