“I brought, George, my English Mastiff in to see Dr. Michelle after he passed out and fell over one day and immediately starting having accidents in the house. Dr. Michelle looked George over, realigned is low back, and talked with me about what most likely had caused him to pass out and have accidents. She not only took the time to give me some great information about big dogs (George is 200lbs), but George hasn’t had an accident since and is moving around much better! George LOVES the staff at 5 Elements and always gets excited whenever we turn down S 61st.” – MaryAnn F. 

“First time visit with my corgi, Bevo, and I was blown away by the staff! From the moment you walk in the door, to the moment you walk out, they make your animal their priority! And with SUCH compassion. I was so impressed with this entire clinic as a whole, and am so very happy I was able to find some treatments for Bevo with Dr. Jen and her chiropractic work!” – Ashley L.

“First visit for Sedona – IT WAS AWESOME! It was so exciting to watch her get her first Chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Grant! The exam was thorough and I was given information about the proper food to feed her to help with her dry skin. I was given a few samples – Sedona loved it!!

Her next adjustment is in 3 weeks. I plan on making sure we stay on a WELLNESS schedule because Sedona deserves Chiropractic!

THANK YOU!!” – Carol M.

“We have a 2 year old half aussie/half golden retriever mix who was having issues with urinary incontinence. He was diagnosed with a severe case of prostatitis which was treated but about 2 weeks later his incontinence started again. After several trips to our regular vet and several dollars in medication – nothing was working. This continued for 5 months. We called Dr. Hebel and she found a link with his crooked tail and lower back. She treated him with acupuncture, cold laser therapy, chiropractic, and herbals. Within hours his leaking stopped! We now visit every 4-6 weeks to get chiropractic treatments and he is fine. The Hebels are amazing! I can’t say enough about them!” – Lisa M.

“Dr. Jen and the team has made it so my little long dog doesn’t need back surgery! Some routine maintenance and he’s a happy little dachshund!” – Sarah H.

“They take amazing care of my performance dogs and ensure they are in tip-top competitive shape! Even my retired old lady gets amazing care to make sure she feels good in her older years.” – Ami S

“Awesome!  Ada was misdiagnosed and we thought she wouldn’t be walking after a year. Four years later Ada is still going strong. She has a degenerative disorder but Dr. Hebel and her amazing team have made a tremendous impact on Ada’s quality of life. The non invasive techniques should always be our babies first line of treatment whenever possible! Thank you for everything!” – E.Y. L.

“Dr. Jen Hebel is the best thing going in alternative treatments. She is so good with the patients & accurate in her diagnoses & effective in her treatment. She invests in her patients & goes the extra mile, conferring & referring when appropriate.” – Susan D.

“Very friendly and knowledgable staff. Dr Grant was awesome… patient and very informative. Highly recommend them and looking forward to taking all my dogs there for preventative care.” – Molly P.