Animal Chiropractic

Animal Chiropractic
Chiropractic care in animals, just like in humans, seeks to maintain the optimal motion of all joints in the body, but especially the spine. Lack of normal motion in the spine can lead to back pain, lameness, lack of performance, or a decrease in overall health. The treatment to restore normal joint motion is when a trained animal chiropractor applies a specific thrust into a joint called an adjustment. Routine adjustment may help to restore normal movement, decrease pain, improve neurological function, or prevent injury.

How do I know if my animal needs chiropractic?

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A chiropractic exam is recommended:

  • If your dog or cat is lame, shows signs of decreased activity, or appears stiff or painful. *Small dogs or cats may cry out when picked up but many animals suffer quietly from back pain. 
  • As preventative care for active family pets.
  • For all competitive canine athletes.
  • To care for animals with hip dysplasia, orthopedic diseases, spondylosis or inter-vertebral disc disease.
  • Preventative and maintenance care for geriatric dogs and cats.


Is chiropractic adjustment painful?

While the adjustment may be momentarily uncomfortable, it is often followed by immediate pain relief. Most pets appear relaxed or even fall asleep right after adjustment. Some animals may experience muscle soreness for a few days following their first few adjustments however this generally disappears as treatment progresses.

How often will my pet need adjustment?

Every case is different, however, you may expect one adjustment every 2-3 weeks until improvement is noticed. After the treatment goal has been reached, we design a maintenance schedule for adjustments to meet your pets needs, usually once every 3-6 weeks.